Collaboration can be a Beautiful thing: Microsoft goes in for the kill just released an article on Microsoft offering $44.6 billion to buy out Yahoo! Some may worry that this could be a bad thing, but I believe collaboration is truly a beautiful thing. I am a big Google user. Igoogle is my homepage and it is the main browser I use. Though Google wasn’t around when I was first introduced to the wonderful world of the Internet. Yahoo! was the first browser I ever used. and I guess I’ll always hold a place in my heart for it. I still trust Yahoo!’s maps over MapQuest. Don’t ask why I just do.

Currently, google is the leading competitor in internet browsers and there has yet to be a browser that can compete with it. I think that Microsoft buying Yahoo! brings a multitude of opportunities for Yahoo! to begin to compete with google and give em’ a run for their money!

Yahoo! has been sitting in the back seat of the “brower” car while google is steering the way. It’s time for Yahoo! to strap one on and fight for the wheel and Microsoft is the company that will be giving Yahoo! the directions they need to compete in this road race.


~ by stacianne on February 1, 2008.

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