I was recently reading a blog about how is going to take over the world, but in actuality, I believe Google is going to take over the world.

Google has many different widgets to put on your Igoogle site. It’s the number one search engine, and it has created Picasa to edit and store your photos online, so there is no need to take up space on your computer when you can save your photos online. Google has also created gmail, where you never have to delete another email again in your life because it also stores all emails online with unlimited space. Google is soon to come out with the G phone, which will revolutionize the cellular telephone market.
The G-phone is said to look similar-ish to the iPhone, with a big wide screen and few buttons, Google wants to bring their software, search, advertising, IM, VoIP and Web 2.0-style apps to a stylish hand held device that plugs you right into everything Google, bringing Google to those even without a computer.

The only downside some may see is instead of listening to a ring, the person calling you will hear advertisements, making the phone cost $0. Pretty amazing if you ask me. It seems as though Google’s mission statement is to accomplish the impossible. Google’s vision is to bring the Google brand to those who don’t own a computer.
I used to believe that apple was revolutionizing the market when it came to cell phones, I mean instead of carrying around your phone, i pod and camera now its all in one. I think apple still has the upper hand on the ability to have i-tunes on its phones. Google may have free service and most of the same technology but the ability to have you music on your phone…. might whisk college students off their feet.
but when it comes down to the fight over music or free service…. Google will win the ultimate fight.
And that is why I believe google is out to take over the world.


~ by stacianne on February 3, 2008.

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