I AM Qualified!

This past weekend I dove into the task I’ve been avoiding for months. Searching for a job. With graduation looming around the corner I’ve put off this task. I went to my brothers college graduation my freshman year. Sitting in the crowd I never thought that day would come for me. Boy was I wrong. Only three months away. Scary. As I search for job openings in the PR and Event Management fields I keep finding a skill or experience level that turns me away because I feel I’m not qualified for.

When reading Penelope Trunk’s blog on “How to get a job you’re not qualified for” it helped give me that nudge I needed to go for it. She offers 3 simple tips:

1. Create a project from a different arena that interests you.

2. Take responsibility for your own education

3. Just Apply!

One of the things that struck me was, “if you are always taking jobs you’re qualified for, then your learning curve is really flat, and your work life is really boring.” This is incredibly true. Last year I took on the job as Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment for Greek Life at the University of Oregon. I was NOT qualified for this position and I was not transitioned into this position. But it was the challenge. I loved the challenged of figuring out what the job required and how to manage a staff of my peers. If there is no challenge you won’t take the time to educate yourself.

I took advantage of Penelope’s advice to Just Apply! I applied for three jobs this weekend that I don’t believe I am qualified for any of them. But with a great cover letter, some confidence, and a great interview I know I can land any job I may not feel I’m “qualified for”. Thanks Penelope!


~ by stacianne on February 7, 2008.

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