The Power of Blogging

The bloggesphere can be a scary venue to many, especially for a young blogger such as myself. I’ve also heard the frustration of PR professionals and also my fellow students and colleagues from Allen Hall Public Relations, University of Oregon’s student-run PR firm, that many companies and organizations are nervous and unwilling to get involved in social media, especially blogging.

I have found that the more blogs I read and research I do I’m truly learning the power of blogging. Many may feel as though this form of informal communication is irrelevant because it isn’t in a professional format. Little do they know that this form of communication is becoming popular as well as beneficial.

According to Don Crowther’s Blog 101PublicRelations, “What the traditional media doesn’t recognize is that many bloggers, though unrestrained by traditional journalistic methods and ethics, have audiences and actual readership larger than many newspapers, television and radio shows,” Crowther said. “Plus this audience is often more loyal and able to be influenced than that of traditional media, giving bloggers tremendous power to shape opinions, actions and purchasing behavior.”

I believe many companies don’t understand the purpose of blogging and how there is an entire world of consumers and potential consumers who are talking about your product or service. Just because you feel as though social media is untraditional means you’re not listening to your customers and it removes you from the conversation and opportunity to make changes and advance in our constantly changing world.


~ by stacianne on February 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Power of Blogging”

  1. companies that blog piss me off – we were talking about it today in my PR class (AU in DC) and i just think that blogging should be the individual’s view on things, whether tis personal or general. (my favorite blogs are rants and raves :p companies should stick to websites not blogs. but definitely ..EVERYONE should pay attention to bloggers. why? CAUSE WE’RE THE SHIT! lol

  2. I disagree, Company blogs can be very useful if used correctly. Promotional blogging for the sake of selling the companies product or service is not a useful way to spend their time blogging, and I agree they should not use a blog to communicate that way. But, they can participate in the conversation around the type of work the company does. For example a company that make Eco-safe laundry detergent shouldn’t just blog about how great their detergent is, but they can blog about OTHER ways for their customers and consumers can make their house and family eco-safe. This way they participate int he conversation and also show that they care about more than their profits.

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