Social Media to the Rescue!

As our unit on social media is wrapping up I’m beginning to understand how to utilize these tools to improve relationships amongst clients. The Wall Street Journal published an article by Marshall Loeb from MarketWatch, Improve Client Relationships through Social Media. Many businesses and organizations are utilizing this technology to strengthen relationships with consumers, and measure their interests.

Loeb gave four key points from Dan Backus, co-founder of ThePort Network on how to improve client relationships through social media.

  • Know your audience
  • Align organizational objectives with social media tools
  • Establish procedures
  • Identify resources and bring everybody on the same page

Your organization must be on the same page to evaluate whether or not social media is the right outreach to embrace. Then you must define your audience and find the right social media tool to reach out and get your target audiences attention will be key in your relationship. After accomplishing the first two, you must first create a code of ethics and how your organization will respond to negative buzz and upset consumers. Then create guidelines for the social media to keep your organization on the right track. Make sure everyone is participating. Consumers like to hear from the leaders of organizations, it helps create an intimate relationship with the consumer.

Social media is a new way to create lasting relationships with clients.


~ by stacianne on February 17, 2008.

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