The value of Transparency

In this Web 2.0 generation there has been a shift of power–Companies lose power and individuals gain it. The Web becomes the greatest word-of-mouth amplifier in history; consumers learn to trust peers more and companies less. This is where there becomes an apparent shift from secrecy to transparency. There is the old saying, “Loose lips sink ships,” this where employees of companies were meant to keep the happenings of work at work and not spill anything to competitors, or the government for that matter. Being transparent means owning up to the truth—this may hurt in the long run, but it also comes down to your ethics and integrity in the end. A company with an open door policy has the ability to promote good will through the sharing of information. And as a consumer this gives the sense of trust as the utmost importance in a relationship with consumers. In this day and age, your consumers are your biggest promoters and being transparent with them will only do you good in the long run.

I began to explore transparency more after we discussed IACC-Coach campaign in my Advanced PR writing class. This is an opaque campaign if you ever saw one. It’s frustrating to see this kind of a thing go on.

The one thing I will take away with my education is the value of transparency, and sending transparent messages to my clients. The more we explore this practice during the term, I’m beginning to realize the ability to remain transparent in your practices is a valuable skill to obtain.


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~ by stacianne on February 28, 2008.

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