Rough Break for small business blogging…

After spending three weeks on the topic of social media, I’m sure you could ask any student in the public relations track at the University of Oregon “what’s a great way to get your small business brand out there and spread the word?” Their reply, “Start blogging.” Now this could be good or this could be bad. Bad? really how could this be bad?!?!

Todd Defren PR Squared blogger talks about how the plight of minor bad buzz for small business bloggers can throw them off the charts, out on the streets, and their product in the trash. The big news online the past week has been Targets response to a bloggers concern regarding an inappropriate advertisement. Targets response was that they simply didn’t interact with non-traditional media such as blogging and did not answer this blogger and faithful consumer’s question.

I don’t know where those PR people went to school, but it sure wasn’t Oregon. Obviously this was not the way to handle the situation and the blogger wrote about it, which is great if the blogger has a large readership.

Now imagine you’re a new business. You barley have a Web site up, and you begin joining the conversation and blogging. Now lets say the product you sell has a flaw. One of your consumers blogs about the flaw. With not much media surrounding your product when someone goes to google to search for your product, within the first few posts there is this negative blog. Though, this isn’t the case for Target. When you go to google the store, the negative blog will be hiding deep within the pages of google because there are more relative site than you tiny little blog complaining about the way you were treated by the PR people.

So can blogs hurt or help small businesses? It’s a ‘double edge sword’ as Defren says. It is definently something you want to bring up to your small business clients and write down the pros (benefits) and the cons of having a blog for your small business. It may just be that risk you have to take to get into the world of social media.

 photo: netream


~ by stacianne on March 2, 2008.

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