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What are you doing? Can you tell me 140 characters or less? Try it on twitter a microblogging application. For those of you on Facebook it is much like a Facebook status. When I was first introduced to this application three months ago I didn’t truly understand the phenomenon of this site. Who cares what other people are doing, thinking or eating every waking moment of the day? I don’t have time to pay attention to random bits of information. People do everything from promoting blogs, suggesting resources, and talking about the book they just finished.

My instructor was shocked when she shared this application with our advanced PR writing class during our three week focus on social media. But soon I joined and became hooked. Soon after my classmates jumped on the bandwagon. After a video lecture from Aussie PR Pro and blogger Paull Young my classmates and I soon began following him on twitter and interacting with him.

Twitter became a great tool for us PR wanna-bees to ask questions and gain insightful feedback from the insiders. Soon other PR students from across the country were friending me and we were reading each others blog posts ( I even found my good luck charm Michael Allison) and we began friendly banter. I found that Twitter was a great way to have ongoing conversations and build relationships with PR students, Pros and get quick answers to questions and get pointers to useful links.

But Twitter can be used for more than just an update on what I just ate. You can:

Promote your Blog Post: Reach out and grasp an new audience. Not all of your followers have read your blog. So invite them through a tiny URL link that twitter provides for you.

Get updated on Breaking News: There are multiple twitter clients such as twhirl , which allow you to access twitter from your desktop. You have the ability to upload via mobile device, which means someone on the East coast could inform me of the latest secrets of LOST before I view it!

Interact with Professionals: Many of the bloggers that I had on my feed reader before I began blogging and tweeting are on Twitter. Now I have access to them and have the ability to pick their brain. It’s also been a great way to get a hold of my PR instructor!

Conduct Research: you can pose a question and get a response in an instant!

List job Opportunities: There have been multiple PR pros that have posted job opportunities through their own firm or company, as well as passing along the openings they stumble across themselves.

Pass along resources: Among my new twitter friends and my classmates, we’ve shared application deadlines, and good blog posts on how to make a podcast. The passing along of helpful hints from one PR lover to the next is the way we will make this profession a step above.

I’ve found myself as a Facebook-stalking college student to be checking twitter more than I have been checking Facebook. But it has also been a helpful educational tool. My first real interaction with twitter was on Super-Bowl Sunday. I was only following about four PR pros, but it was more interesting to sit and watch what they were saying about the advertisements, than actually watching the advertisements.

There are many great ways to use Twitter other than finding out what you ate for breakfast. Come see what all the tweeting is about!


~ by stacianne on March 10, 2008.

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