Looking at Social Networks: GolfingMyWay.com

Rule of thumb, one should never go into business with friends—Friends and business just don’t mix. This isn’t the case for three 21-year-old University of Oregon entrepreneur students. Jake Horton, Scott Rasmussen, and John Robinson co-founders and owners of GolfingMyWay.com, Inc. These young men believe that it is feasible to run a successful business with your best friends. With the launch of GolfingMyWay (GMW) BETA in mid-February, the site has acquired a following sole from word-of-mouth.

GMW brings a feeling of community to an individual sport. Users have the ability to discuss favorite courses, players, books, movies and video games. Also, they can compare clubs, share stories and tips all within one venue. This site helps to jumpstart a community conversation about a sport so many live, breath and dream about on a daily basis.

GMW gives young golfers a way to connect with one another. With the size of the golfing industry and the endless possibilities of social networking there is nothing but opportunities for these young men to take the basics of Facebook and Myspace and expand the features with GMW.

-My Swing: where users can upload a video of their swing and GolfingMyWay.com will outsource the video to have a professional critique the users swing.

-Pro Notes: enables users to stay connected with their pros and continue a conversation about tips they should continue to work at between lessons.

-In the Bag: feature allows users to highlight and rank their clubs, and leave comments.

GMW’s features such as In the Bag, Pros Notes, and My Swing will provide the technology to bring golf into a 2.0 world. The team is looking into patenting software, which will allow golfers to upload their score via mobile device while on the course. This device will reduce the use of paper scorecards by automatically uploading scores online to save golfers time, while also providing the ability to record a variety of stats for players to analyze where they need to work on their game.

With 42 million golfers nation-wide GolfingMyWay.com hopes to have eight to ten million users within the first five years of launching .

GMW hopes to change the way golfers not only play the game of golf, but how they communicate with one another and turn a individual sport into a group experience.


~ by stacianne on March 29, 2008.

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