Digital Dirt

When you’re preparing for a job (or internship) search, it’s time to be sure that you don’t have any “digital dirt” that a potential employer may uncover.PROpenMic

Currently, this is the topic of discussion on PROpenMic. I’m intrigued by this issue, because it has to deal with personal PR. You never know when an employer may look you up on Facebook or MySpace and find out a little more about their potential employee.

One member, a professor, said that in order for him to get his point across he searches for his students on Facebook before his first class and when he calls role he pulls up interesting photos of his students. He says, “If I can find it, your potential future internships and employers can find it, too.” This sticks with students, because it embarrasses the student.

I’ve attended leadership conferences where speakers have found photos of the participants, enlarged them and projected these photographs on a big screen in front of thousands of college leaders. The other thing students, need to clean up, is their email accounts. Employers don’t want to communicate with or, these are simply inappropriate email addresses. Sign up for a gmail account and use your name. Make it simple and professional.

Just ask yourself, would I like to put this email address on a business card to Bill Gates?

Also, think twice before you post inappropriate photographs of yourself on Facebook. We all know how powerful social media is, You cannot ignore the fact that the industry we are trying to dive into is constantly working with social media, you can’t hide.

Rule of Thumb: The Internet is an open venue. Clean up your act. Don’t let your digital dirt get out of hand.


~ by stacianne on April 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Digital Dirt”

  1. Great advice. I Google my name often to make sure that there is no digital dirt that has been dug up!

  2. […] new ‘friend’ in PR, Staci Stringer, has written a nice post on her blog entitled “Digital Dirt“, in which she talks about the importance of keeping a good image online especially while […]

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