First Clean up your act

Tonight as I was browsing through my google reader I came across this interesting post from Advertising for Peanuts about using advertisements as a cover up.

This post discusses the value of the customer experience. Yes, an advertisement may get you to the restaurant, car dealership or department store, but if you have a bad experience, So Long Lasting Customer Relationships.

If you know me personally, you probably know this, if not, here is a lesson in Staci Stringer: I am a STRONG Starbucks supporter. Probably because I worked there (Check out my Portfolio, it has a presentation I did last term on Starbucks corporate social responsibility). Anyway, my point is Starbucks focuses on their customers experience and less on advertising.

Until just recently, Starbucks didn’t advertise at all. It was ALL word of mouth and their ability to make lasting relationships in their communities.

Advertising for Peanuts made four Key points:

  1. Don’t use advertising as a cover-up.
  2. Stop all your advertising until you fix the customer experience.
  3. Think of your customer experience (shopping, test driving, browsing your website, etc.) as the most important and expensive advertising you have available.
  4. Think of the dollars spent on advertising to attract new or repeat customers as coming out of the same budget as dollars spent on the customer experience.

These are BASICS of advertising and public relations. Word of mouth is the best form of persuasion. Customers believe in humans, not products. So this becomes a matter of good customer service over good advertising.

Clean up your act before you advertise. Hone in on your customer service skills before anything else.


~ by stacianne on April 20, 2008.

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