A Portland Boutique: Maxwell PR

“Talk to us. We want to learn more about your organization. What makes it tick. Where it’s trying to go. Who it’s trying to reach. What it’s trying to sell. How it fits into the community. We’ll be your biggest advocate, your strongest voice, your most tenacious supporter. Call us a liaison, an ambassador, a reality check. Call us. We’re ready to get to work.”

This is the commitment Portland Oregon based boutique firm, Maxwell PR makes to its clients. Maxwell’s team works hard to find creative ways to humanize it’s clients stories and connect with its audiences.

A creative work environment, friendly, determined employees and the right tools creates a recipe for success at Maxwell. With clients ranging from the food and beverage industry to an all-natural cosmetic organization, the staff of eleven has challenging, yet fun projects to tackle on a daily basis.

As a soon-to-be college graduate looking to dive into the PR industry I’ve only really heard of large name agencies. It wasn’t until my PRSSA chapter held a regional activity on Tuesday and we took a “tour” (I say “tour” because we were able to stand in one place and see the entire beautiful modern office!) of Maxwell.

I instantly fell in love with the environment and people I met. The laid-back, creative and very motivated staff gave a great overview of their services, clients and even some job hunting advice for us seniors.

Vicky Hastings, an “all-around go-to gal”, as their Web site likes to call her, describes the number one thing Maxwell looks for in a new employee is: creativity. Hastings says if you can’t send a creative work sample, “simply write us a poem.”

From someone one who would rather work on the layout of her class assigned letter to the shareholder in InDesign (which the layout was NOT assigned), than go out on a Friday night, I thought this was a very unique and intriguing request.

Many times students don’t take the time to research boutique agencies, well frankly, because the smaller agencies names are not out there in our faces as some of the larger ones. Due to small staffs, these smaller agencies do not have the ability to allow staff members to attend career fairs and conferences to utilize recruiting opportunities. Also, they do not always have availability in their staff to take on new interns. But this doesn’t mean a boutique agency isn’t right for you! If it is the right place, the right people and the right environment all you have to do it apply!

Note to Students: Open your eyes. There is a whole world of agencies you haven’t seen yet!


~ by stacianne on May 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Portland Boutique: Maxwell PR”

  1. Nice!

    “Note to Students: Open your eyes. There is a whole world of agencies you haven’t seen yet!”

    My favorite part. You’re so right!

    In fact, I’d add organizations, NGOs, government agencies and more to it. Agency life is great, don’t get me wrong. But, let’s not forget that they actually do not represent the majority of PR practice. It is a very big world out there. Don’t limit yourself.

    Way to go. Great post.

  2. Staci,

    Thank you for highlighting this boutique firm. The people, organizational culture and clients make Maxwell sound like the perfect place for our students. I will strongly recommend it. Staci, I hope you apply to work there too. It sounds like you would be a perfect fit!


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