Portfolio Reviews

After completing portfolio reviews for campaigns class and presenting my portfolio during the Portland Paddle I feel like a seasoned Pro! Though it is an entire new school year away until the next set of students will be presenting their portfolios, I figured why wait to share what I’ve learned. So, Here is how it will go down.

-First, show up early. Especially if you’ve never been the the building before. I thought I’d given my self plenty of time, until I was wondering the Burnside bridge with a pack of bums at my side. Won’t look to great if you walk in late with a few bums trailing behind you.

-Take a deep Breath, Know the material in your portfolio. Before you get to the review sit down with a friend or parent and talk about each and every piece you’ve placed in your portfolio. Tell someone the story about the group work and the fight you got into making this project. Refresh your memory. Your reviewers will ask you questions about everything and you need to be prepared to answer every question.

– Rehearse. Know what you put in your portfolio and in what order. But also you want to present the material in a fashion that states the opportunity, the goal, your challenge and your outcome of every project. The more you know your material the more comfortable you will feel, which will eliminate saying “um” “uh” and “you know” when presenting

– Be enthusiastic. There are many ways you can go about presenting. If you’re enthusiastic and take the initiative to go over your resume and dive right into your portfolio they will know you’re a “go-getter”. It also helps you break the ice and relax. The more comfortable you are with the presenters the better the review will go.

– Say “Thank You”. Not only with a firm hand grip and a smile, but with an old fashion pen, paper and stamp! It sets you apart of the group, especially if you end up applying at their organization. They will know you as the “thank you card person” and having a tag on top of a great portfolio is a perfect in!

your portfolio is a reflection of you and your accomplishments put the time and effort into it that you wish to come across during your review or a job interview.


~ by stacianne on June 9, 2008.

One Response to “Portfolio Reviews”

  1. Great tips, Staci! Thanks for sharing. I will tag this and add it to my collection for Fall 08.

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