Giving Fresh PRos hope for the Future!

Today marked my first day in the working world! I began my new position as the Assistant Account Executive at Doyle Dane & Bernbach (DDB) in the Issues and Advocacy department.

I spent most of today in the typical HR orientation, touring the agency and getting to know the background of my client. There was definitely a lot of reading, which I had expected.

Job searching is usually a grueling task for most recent grads (or anyone for that matter), but with our economy, its even rougher. Most of the time I barley had a sliver of hope finding a job in this market, but Brian Solis, PR 2.0 blogger, gave me (and I’m sure many more in my position) that sip of water that will get you through that desert of a job market.

Solis wrote a guest post on Culpwrit about “Tomorrow’s PR Leaders?” Solis says, “As a student, recent graduate, or newly hired communications professional, Social Media and the tools that define social landscape, will quickly become pervasive as you research and observe the markets that are important to the business you represent.” I couldn’t agree more, as a new hire (though it has only been about 8 hours) Social Media has been the tool I turned to the most when researching material on my client.

The first thing I did was sit down and search for blogs pertaining to my client. It helps to understand where your audience is coming from, and the information they are providing. Listening is key. Solis drives the message that when you take the time to listen you truly find the best channels to relay your message. And that is something all young PRos should know!

There is more to understanding RSS feeds, blogs, Facebook, twitter and podcasts. People are listening, we as young professionals need to realize our “Facebooking stalking” skills come in handy more than you may think!


~ by stacianne on October 13, 2008.

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