Utilizing Social Media in Your Organization

As the social media landscape expands, more organizations are taking advantage of the online tools available. There are thousands, and they are expanding as we speak.  Anything from fundraiser support sites, to picture and video sharing to niche social networks that can expand your reach as an organization. One tool that I find very helpful is go2web20.net. This site provides an overview and ratings of thousands of Web 2.0 sites.

By taking the time to assess the social landscape in which your organization wishes to immerse in,  you can identify key opinion leaders, the audience, and important topics in the conversation. Through assessing the conversation happening in different forms of social media you have the ability to pick and choose the right forum to your conversation. You must be picky when finding the right forum. There is no use having a conversation with people who don’t want to listen.2735401175_fcdcd0da03_b

There are a few ways to find out what social media tools would be right for your organization to utilize in creating a presence online:

  1. Research where your organization stands in all forms of mediums look on Facebook for support groups, on Youtube for videos, on twitter for organizations, competitors and supporters.
  2. Listen to the Conversation Now that you’ve found forums with which your organization could fit into the conversation. Listen. See what others are saying about your product or service and assess the tone. If there is a negative tone, begin to strategist on how you can make negatives into a positive.
  3. Narrow the Field Social media takes time. Don’t be too ambitious because if you begin to have a presence in a specific network and then become lazy and cannot keep up with it, you lose listeners and the point of getting involved in the social media sphere was to gain followers. Take a look at the possible tools you can utilize and assess their relativity to your goal. Then narrow the field.
  4. Participate the hardest thing organizations will find is keeping up with all the forms of social media that are at its fingertips. Just because you are a part of Facebook or twitter doesn’t mean you’re actively participating in it. Make the effort, comment on blogs and message boards, tweet and reply to tweets participate in the social media and show a new audience that you’re doing everything in your means to make them a believer in your product or service.

Photo credit Brian Solis


~ by stacianne on January 2, 2009.

One Response to “Utilizing Social Media in Your Organization”

  1. Great post, Staci! I hope you’ll bring more of these ideas in the near future. I know that my students need to hear it. I can only say it so many times, right? Besides, I think that they think I’m little over-the-top sometimes. 🙂

    Anyway, this is a great process for any organization to follow. Good advice!


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