Current Employment: Finding a Job

I am a very lucky person to still be employed. But in the past two days I’ve receive word that 4 acquaintances have lost their jobs. One of which is a very respected peer and friend from the social 137media sphere. Today he repeated a comment someone made to him about his current state of unemployment, and my mom said this to me when I got home from my graduation trip in Europe: Your new job is Getting a Job!  and it’s so true. Looking for a job can be full time unpaid work, but I guess it does pay off in the end.

The Chicago Tribune wrote a great article titled, The Job of Finding a Job and provide 5 tips for the job search:

5 tips for the hunt:
1. Make finding a job your new job.
2. Tell everybody you’re job hunting.
3. Search online but also press the flesh.
4. Consider jobs outside your field.

5. During phone interviews, stand up to project more energy.

I really think #4 is an interesting tip. Because I ended up taking a job that wasn’t necessarily what I received my degree in. You can look for a job that is outside of your field but maybe dips more into your passion, such as social media, or advertising. Having your job be challenging will make you work harder.

Be patient. losing a job can be tramatizing. But be confident in your self and your skills because the minute you lose that confidence you take a step backwards. Keep your head up and good luck.


~ by stacianne on January 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Current Employment: Finding a Job”

  1. Hey Staci,

    The big issue with some layoffs is that they’re so sudden — that’s what creates the shock feeling. One morning you’re busy on the computer, and that afternoon you could be on your way home without a job.

    Next is the self-esteem blow. You think: “If I can be cut, how valuable am I?” What people who are laid off should recognize is it’s not them, it’s the nature of economic downturn, and action needed to be taken.

    I wish the best of luck to anyone out there who has been snagged by this economic cycle.


  2. Michael,
    I think you bring up a very good point that many people getting laid are extremely valuable to the organization, but may have a hard time realizing this with their current situation. The scary realization of the economy is its victims are those who are an asset, yet fall into a category that may be expendable by the company.
    Lay offs are sudden, unexpected, affective immediately and can happen to almost anyone. its not personal, unfortunately its business. And I think people will struggle the most with finding the confidence in themselves to get back out there and look for jobs.

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