Word of Mouth: Scott Wayne Indiana Horse Project

Word of Mouth is one way to gather a following. When you sit down to 11thbtwefdinner with family friends and someone mentions these plastic horses they’ve seen on the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, and you begin to wonder what they are doing there? Why did someone tie these plastic horses on the ground? Then you tell your friend who realizes they’ve seen these horses too and they tell someone else and the cycle keeps repeating… until you have a word of mouth epidemic and Oregonians are still trying to solve the mystery of the toy plastic horses.

These rings are used to tie up horses and carriages in downtown portland. Mississippi1BNot many people notice these rings until one local artist, Scott Wayne Indiana started a project, The Horse Project. To participate in the project you must buy a toy plastic horse locate a ring, and tie the horse to the ring. Then take a picture and send it to Scott Wayne Indiana and he will post it on his Web site  39forks.com.

Scott tied his first horse to a ring in 2005, and four years later these little horses are showing up all over town and have inspired many Oregonians and visitors to participate in the Horse Project.

By beginning somingthing as intriguing as finding toy horses tied to the sidewalk it sparks interest and begins conversations. This leads to conversations about tiny horses during coffee, dinner, and drink. And there fore we have word of mouth marketing.

Although, Scott Wayne Indiana was not trying to promote himself and his art, he was simply trying to get people to notice their surroundings, to notice small details such as rings in the sidewalk. And what a great way to do it.

Props to you SWI, thank you for opening our eyes to the small details in our world.


~ by stacianne on May 30, 2009.

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