Be a Passionate Advocate.

Every day we are affected by something; sick family members, the environment, political decisions. Every day we make choices that can change our lives forever. We also have the power and voice to persuade others to make the correct decision for themselves. When you believe in something enough to turn your passion in to action you have become an Advocate. 42-18979481

Find any topic that has affected you in one way or another, environment, health care, teen pregnancy, child abuse –anything that makes you so passionate you want to yell from the roof tops. To be an affective advocate you need to have first hand experience. Whether it’s being a patient with Parkinson’s Disease, or being a caregiver to an autistic child you’ve seen and experienced what it is like to see someone struggle because there is no cure or no answer to question or need. Being a passionate advocate involves a few things:

1. Know your topic from all angles. Know first hand experiences and the effects if nothing is done about it. By honing in on your personal experiences you only strengthen your case. No one can fight with what you see or feel.

2. Share your experiences. Whether it’s with a family member or friend. or a random stranger at a party. Strike up a conversation and share you knowledge and your experience. The passion from your experiences inspire others to take action.

3. Get involved. Beyond sharing your story and experiences find groups and organizations of people just like you, working toward the same goal. Together you can make larger advances to either accomplishing your goal or just making other aware of your cause.

42-191184684. Begin an online campaign. Whether it’s a twitter or facebook campaign. or a video on Youtube. Word of mouth campaigns are eye catching and very relate able. Sit back and think about what messages resonate with you. Share those with the world.  Advocates are taking over the Social Media sphere and if you want to be a part of it you’re going to have to dive in head first.

Being an advocate for something you are passionate about can help guide someone who is struggling with a life changing decision. Be compassionate, share you story. Turn your Passion into action.


~ by stacianne on August 3, 2009.

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