Healthcare two-point-oh to three-point-oh

As stages of internet development are being deemed the 2.0 and 3.0 era, the state of online healthcare has jumped in head first with Healthcare2.0.

What does this look like? And what will Healthcare 3.0 look like?

healthAs a student of the internet and a healthcare professional I have been intrigued by how the internet can help patients bring care into their own hands. Let me first define what I think Web 1.0 is to set the foundation.

Web 1.0 – information that is communicated from company to individuals (i.e. your basic web site). The web becomes one big encyclopedia of sorts.

Web 2.0 – information is communicated between company and individuals & between individuals. This is the Facebook, myspace, twitter, message board youtube web. If web 1.0 is a book, web 2.0 is a discussion.

Web 3.0– it’s not information anymore, it’s intelligence, artificial intelligence. You’d interact with it almost like another person. The web won’t just blindly do what we tell it do to, it’ll think for you.

As for Healthcare…

Healthcare 2.0- brings your healthcare questions and answers online. Do you remember all those medical books your parents used to have and they would look up your symptoms as a kid to make sure you didn’t have Rubella or some crazy illness. Well now they can look it up on sites like WebMD and Medipedia. You can join online advocacy organizations such as Patients Like Me, and ask questions to people on message boards. Healthcare has become interactive.

With Web 3.0 on the distant horizon what does this mean for healthcare 3.0?

It could mean a ton of different things. Such as online database where you can choose your Physician based on specialty, number of years practicing, number of malpractice suits, if they accept your insuarnce provider. I imagine Healthcare3.0 making it easier for the patient to find exactly the right dr. Web 3.0 will be more interactive, where your computer can diagnose you based on your symptoms. Healthcare 3.0 can help patients be more educated about their health and diseases.

There are so many possibilities as to where we can go from here. I’m excited to see what’s next for Healthcare-something-point-something.


~ by stacianne on September 22, 2009.

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