An Everyday Advocate

I would like to introduce Jessica Nicole Lomelin, an everyday advocate. Jessica is more than an advocate, she in an inspirational open-minded young woman who finds passion and joy in helping others.

Jessica has been given an amazing opportunity to make a difference. In less than a month Jessica will leave her friends, family and stable job to tell the stories of the Men, Women and Children of Gulu, Uganda. Jessica will be working with the organization Invisible Children as a communications assistant.

Seeing the excitement and glow on her face as she describes the organization makes supporting my friend worth every tear and every cent I can manage to pass along. The passion Jessica has to make a difference in the world is something we should all strive for.

Jessica will be documenting the people she meets and her numerous endeavors on her blog . I ask that you please pass along her story and read her inspiring words.

As my best friend, sister and support system leaves me for this amazing adventure, I may not be able to support her financially, but I can support her emotionally.

Jessica will do great things in her lifetime, she is an amazing young woman with an open mind and an open heart. I look up to her and can’t wait to see what she can do for the people of Uganda.

Below is a message from Jessica.


I’m asking friends, families, strangers and kind-hearted people to donate to my trip and support the work I will be doing in Uganda. The organization is providing a discounted living situation, but I am essentially having to cover my airfare, vaccines, visas, and travel items.

  • Your donation will help me help Invisible Children.
  • I’m not receiving a large amount of financial support from Invisible Children given that the majority of their funding goes toward projects and initiatives. This is expected for non-profits and regardless of the financial set-backs this may cause, it is something I am still passionate about doing.

Donating even just a dollar to my trip will help me extend my stay in Africa and continue working with either Invisible Children or another similar NGO. Money permitted, I would love to stay in Africa for some time and do my best to positively impact the community and the people I meet.

Imagine if we got 500 people to donate just $1? How powerful that could be! I understand we are in the middle of numerous natural disaster’s and money is a tough situation, but consider giving up 1 latte this week and putting that money toward the work I will be doing in Uganda. If you are unable to donate, all I ask is that you  just follow me as I take this adventure. Pass my name and my story on to your family and friends, and know that anything helps. You can help me make a difference in the lives of others.

Please take some time to become familiar with Invisible Children. The more people that are familiar with Invisible Children and the crisis going on in eastern Africa, the more likely things will improve.

If you are interested in contributing to my trip and to the work I will be doing in Africa you can donate through my secure Paypal account Here:

They say that people who do good things reap benefits in more ways than they can imagine. Think of this as a good deed, whether contributing, telling the story of Invisible Children or becoming inspired to take action. Simply, pay it forward.

~ by stacianne on January 17, 2010.

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