About Staci

My name is Staci Stringer. I am a 23 year-old  University of Oregon graduate. I studied Journalism with an emphasis in public relations. I have a passion for social media, event management and advocacy relations.

I’m what you would call a “true Oregonian” I am happiest when it rains. I know that’s weird and I should be treated for it, but I grew up in the rain and those are the days that are meant to be spent with a giant cup of coffee, an over-stuffed chair and a good book. But the rain is why I’m having a hard time pulling myself away from the Pacific NW. I was born and raised in a small suburb of Portland Oregon, in Lake Oswego.

During my Junior year of high school I began looking at universities. I grew up a duck fan. Both my parents went to University of Oregon, and my brother was attending the school at that time. It pretty much made University of Washington and Oregon State OUT of the question! My dad played basketball for UO in the mid-late 70’s as one of the Kamikaze Kids, so I grew up loving Oregon sports, and that is one aspect of the university that drew me to Eugene. I’m a duck at heart and I’d have it no other way.

I came to the University as a Business Administration major, that changed quickly and as I was hesitant toward my math courses. I thought I was letting my parents down not going in the business route, but they were supportive in my passion for writing. I quickly came to enjoy my journalism courses and declared it my major.

During the Fall of Freshman year I joined a sorority. This too has become my passion. I became and active member always trying to go above and beyond. My sophomore year I was the Public Relations/ community relations chair and wrote press releases and feature articles about our philanthropic events. My junior year I was approached by a few seniors who encouraged me to run for Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment after the position had been tabled two weeks earlier. I ran and ended up winning. Here I was a junior in college thrown into this position of running, organizing and executing fall formal recruitment for 450 women on the UO campus!

This position on Panhellenic council (PHC) helped me to become passionate about event management and experiential marketing. I was in charge of a staff of seven women, a $20,000 budget and 40 recruitment counselors. This position forced me to grow up and really take a leadership role in my community.

And well I guess that brings me to now, when I moved to Seattle I began my professional career at DDB in the Issues and Advocacy Department working with a major Bio Tech, Genentech. With the economy in the state it is in, I found my self 22 and laid off from my first real job.

I packed a large bag and moved to Medford, Oregon to help with marketing our family business and tried tirelessly to find a job from out of state. After two months of searching, I have found myself back in Seattle at Health Advocacy Strategies.

I have a passion for music, movies, and most of all I miss playing volleyball. Looking into coaching though!

Just a few things about me you may not know: I’m obsessed Jason Mraz, I mean my Screen name is Stace17mraz- Never met him, I do have a personal Video Message from him, but still never personally met him. I have a love of earrings- I have more than you can count, I also have a large collection of rings that only fit on one finger, I love cheese, the color brown, I love waking up to my dog licking my face. I truly appreciate it when a stranger can make you smile, karma’s a bitch, I love finishing books-just not the process of reading them,  I listen to songs on repeat for DAYS at a time,  I own more DVD’s than you could imagine- I’m pretty much a functioning blockbuster (TV series and all), I can’t cook, but LOVE food(especially Mexican) One of my favorite pass times is arts & Crafts projects, im addicted to twitter and updating my status on both myspace and facebook, will always hold a space in my heart for Bravo TV programs, I’d eat cereal at every meal if It wasn’t socially unacceptable, your birthday means more to me than it probably does to you, I love giving gifts and making people smile, I’m a true believer in correspondence, music isn’t good unless its very loud-ask my friends, I love to drive- it soothes me, and yes, I do yell at cars even when I’m by myself! I truly Believe that high heels are the devil– especially when you’re 6 feet tall. I have arthritis- Yes, my bones are aging like your grandmother. I love crushed ice and fountain drinks, fun sized candy bars, I have to live on a body of water when I grow up it’s not negotiable, I love laying in the sun, yet hate the heat. I make a killer margarita, love black and white photography. Oprah’s Big Give and Extreme Home Makeover make me cry every week, my favorite piece of clothing are my sweat pants and puffy North face Vest, I’m a lover of triple grande soy latte’s and warm home baked cookies. I almost got a full ride scholarship to play volleyball in California, but turned it down to be a DUCK!

These are just a few of my favorite things!

oh and sheep are my favorite animals!- just though you should know!

“I love what coffee does for me, it’s like my heart is hugging my brain”- kenneth 30 Rock

One Response to “About Staci”

  1. hi staci,
    i was brousing through my tag surfer and you last post came up, and hmm, ‘staci stringer’ ?? that name is familiar, i wonder if it’s the same volleyballer i knew at camp silver creek many years back. seems maybe. best, ~calvin

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