Beautiful Office Designs

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I thought I would share these beautiful, well thought, creative, and inspiring place to work. I think I’d be in heaven every day if I worked in any one of these offices! Enjoy



Flirting 2.0

•February 28, 2009 • 1 Comment

In our fast pace world it has become harder and harder to meet people through a traditional courtship. And our favorite Web 2.0 sites are making it much easier to show someone you’re interested via their widgets and services. blog posted this rundown on ways to flirt online. flirting_2They say, “Sure, the Web has made many aspects of our lives easier, but it’s also complicated a few things—specifically, how we date, flirt and meet potential love interests.”

Being a twenty-something I still have faith in the traditional ways of meeting people, at a bar, the grocery store, or that mix-up of drinks at Starbucks- He grabbed my triple grande soy latte, and I grabbed his grande americano- you know how it goes. I’m sure it will diminish as my career and priorities shift and I will become more dependent on the untraditional methods of finding a mate. But I find this whole process interesting as my generation has been spearheading this technology revolution.

I love Drew Barrymores line in He’s just not that into you she says, “Now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies- it’s exhausting!” And it couldn’t be more true, you have to check all of these different applications to see if you’ve been “poked” or someone sent you a gift. And the interpretation could kill you. There is no guide book to online flirting, so how are you supposed to interpret a poke? was it friendly or playful?

It is interesting to watch the trends in older generations using dating sites like increase. Definitely wasn’t somethingn I expected- I have a hard enough time teaching my mom how to turn on her computer, let alone teaching her how to upload a picture and a profile to one of these sites. I would have imagined that this phenomenon would have skipped that generation and hit mine.

It does scare me that younger generations will be more dependent on this way of life- Communicating through Web 2.0 applications more than through human interaction. And does this lead to poor grammar?

Does this form of communication work against our english and grammar teachers, because when you use text messages or twitter, you have to simplify your messages, sometimes reducing the words and removing correct punctuation confusing it’s and its, a simple, but significant differance between the two words just to fit it into the 140 characters allowed?

But then again, does it help to simplify your message. I have found that working to cram my tweets into 140 characters teaches me to be sycnt and percise with my message, like a lead in a newspaper article.

There are pros and cons to both, but what I guess my point is we’re definitely moving quickly to a 2.0 world- especially when our flirting happens online, but what will this do to future generations? Will they become dependent on technology to be the liasion between human interaction? Will children fall into the trance of the online preditors, because they are comfortable online?

How can we as the Web 2.0 crusaiders prevent future generations from using the web and its tools incorrectly? Do we begin to teach classes on online ettiquet and safety?

What do you think?

Did you Know?

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@aplusk posted this video on Twitter. It is pretty amazing the facts in this short 5 minute video. Take a look.

Ten Things I love

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Time for something new! I was inspired by Jason Calacanis’s blog post “Ten Things I Love” so here are ten things I love right now.

1.  Christopher David Ryan – My new obsession. I love it. I love him. He has an eye and I already ordered this print. He posts his favorite prints of the day and they are always great. I’ve never been one for art, but I may have found my muse.


2. Tumblr – I’ve always had a hard time keeping my professional blog from my personal blog. Tumblr allows you to post quotes, links, text in easy to use formats. Took me awhile to catch on but Love it.

3. 2Birds1Blog My new favorite blog. It’s funny cleaver and very relate-able. check-it out! This is my favorite post on 20 facebook photos of guys.


4. Mark Beasly – I’ve been a fan since moment I heard him. He has the most amazing voice!

5. Digg-Took me awhile to catch onto this site, but what a great idea to basically vote on what information on the Internet is deemed interesting, funny and likable.



6. Top Chef Need I say more? I’ve missed this show, and I don’t know why I love it so much, I just do!


7. Etsy Love. Love. Love it. Etsy is a community of shopping & selling. With the most amazing gifts I could browse this site for days and never get bored.



8. Influence by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen- This book is a collection of interviews and photos of the women who have influenced their lives. I’ve never really liked the two of them, even though I grew up watching them on Full House, but until a recent interview on Oprah and the lack of media presence I find this book a Must buy!


9. A way to share your music on Twitter!

10. Hulu – where would we all be without hulu? Hulu is a website that offers commercial-supported streaming video of TV shows and movies. If you haven’t checked it out… you must be under a rock.


Hope you enjoy my favorite things….What are your favorite things?

And as an extra treat, I have had a request to add the People I love most (all my friends seem to love these crazy people too)

#11 on my I love list, and by popular demand  is Mama & Papa Stringer!!!!!


If you’ve got it, Flaunt it: A lesson in Resume writing

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I’ve been at it again, updating my resume. And it is just around the corner for the senior PR students at UO, who are wrapping up their campaigns and focusing on their portfolio reviews. I remember one thing I struggled with the most was my resume. Thanks to the career building class taught by Bill Morill and the Career Center at UO, they taught me a lot about writing my resume. But I’ve learned more from playing around with it, looking at others, and having people look over mine as well. resumewritingtips3

Although this class was great in introducing me to the descriptive verbs to describe the tasks I’d accomplished, it also closed my mind about the format of my resume. There are so many different ways you can format your resume there is no wrong way.

So here is some advice I wish someone told me:

1. Keep your Resume to one page, and one page only: After 10 years of experience you are allowed a second page! But no one is going to read your resume if it is longer than one page. This helps you to be concise and use descriptive words to describe what you’ve accomplished.

2. Your visual presentation of your resume says a lot about you. Spice up your resume. Add some fun fonts and colors (just make sure it’s legible) and even print it on a nice thick resume paper. It will set your resume out from all the others, and the employer will know you put in extra effort to make it enjoyable to look at.  Note: Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT use a Word Template. SO boring. If I were looking at your resume and you used a plain word template it just lost about ten points!

3. If you got the skills, flaunt them. Highlight an unusual skill you poses. It doesn’t have to be that unusual, but for instance Social Media is a great skill to highlight as much as possible in your resume. So many employers these days are looking for new talent that hold that skill set. So don’t be shy.

4. Be Adventurous. Re-format your resume multiple times. I was so stuck in my way of having my resume cut and clear and to the point. But, recently decided to take a chance and write a short profile section explaining some of my skills, and I think it will help the employer know me that much more. By writing my skills out in sentences this freed up more space for bullets under my experience section.

5. Put another set of Eye balls on it. I’ve already had 3 different people look at my resume this past week, and have another person tomorrow. Be open to suggestions, fresh eyes come with fresh ideas.

If you have any other tips for writing resume please comment! I know there are plenty more

The University of Oregon’s Career Center provides this PDF packet on how to write good cover letters and Resume’s, it is a great resource and you can download it here. Page 3 has a great list of verbs to use when describing your skills!

Happy Resume writing and I’m more than happy to be another set of eyes! Good luck!

Back to Basics

•February 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

Recently, I’ve been asked to put my social media passion into action. This is exciting for someone who has been blinded by my daily routine and the grind of the working world.

young-child-learning1Since graduation, I’ve had minimal time to focus on my blog, tweeting valuable information, and exploring the social media sphere. One thing I’ve noticed over the past seven months is that I stopped actively learning, and for a topic I am so passionate about I am extremely excited to begin exploring again!

Now I’m working on a social media strategy for a company that you wouldn’t quite expect to use social media as a valuable tool. I feel limitless, which is basically like handing me the world on a silver platter.

But, this doesn’t mean I am going to dream up some crazy ideas of how to “jump in” that is unreachable for this company. I need to get back to the basics and deliver a strategy that they understand and doesn’t make them want to run in the other direction.

It is never to late to continually learning, and that is what I love about Public Relations- is that there is always knowledge to grasp, you can learn something new everyday.

And here I go, back to the basics.

PR-AD- Branding-Marketing in Layterms

•January 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

I’ve never really understood how people have a hard time deciphering what Public Relations Professionals do, What we do is in our title. We build relationships with the public in simple terms. It’s not just PR professional marketing and branding seem to interchange with both PR and Advertising. These cartoons below help to describe what Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Branding actually are.




picture6A lot of the time PR people use branding behind their methods, and call on advertisers to relay that brand message. Marketers are used in every aspect of PR, AD and Branding. They all may stand alone, but when used together they can expand the message being relayed to the audience.