Resume & Portfolio


Some of the assignments were created as part of a student project for J452: Advanced Public Relations Writing. This information in no way is meant to represent the company and is for academic purposes only. If you have a question about any of the projects, please contact instructor Kelli Matthews at kmatthew(at)uoregon(dot)edu .

Resume Feature Article about new online golfing community.

My podcast and Show notes A 10 minute audio podcast on how to write a cover letter and resume.

Letter to the Shareholders Written on behalf of the CEO of a large multinational corporation to support its 2006 annual report.

Sponsorship letter and Packages Nonprofit fundraising and sponsorship letter targeted to a strategically-matched corporation soliciting sponsorship for a nonprofit event/program.

Brochure for Festival of Trees. An annual event in Eugene where locals companies or individuals decorate Christmas trees and they are auctioned off for the Mackenzie-Willamette Hospital.

Created Tri-fold information cards for Center for Community Counseling outside and the inside of the card. These are the size of business cards.

Center for Community Counseling 30th Anniversary BBQ Celebration Poster and Postcard

faculty-grad-report-1 And Recommendations for the University of Oregon’s School of journalism and Communication Strategic Communication Conference looking at Faculty and Graduate Students

Slidecast CSR Presentation: A 10 minute presentation (slide deck and audio) designed to be given on behalf of a large corporation, focusing on their corporate social responsibility efforts

Presentation and recommendations for UO’s School of Journalism and Communication Strategic Communication Conference. The Audiences are Faculty and Graduate Students.


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